I am a self-proclaimed book fiend. Children's literature holds a special place in my heart - I think it is because my mother is an avid book lover herself and taught me from very early on to love classic, well-written children's literature.
Beautiful, enriching illustrations are just a part of the draw of a wonderful children's story, and so most of the books we review here will have gorgeous drawings.
You will not find any lackluster books on this blog. No vulgar Dora, Spongebob or Disney.
We believe in books that beautify the experience of growing up and learning.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Time for Bed by Mem Fox/Illustrated by Jane Dyer

"It's time for bed little mouse, little mouse. Darkness is falling all over the house..."
So starts this most favorite of our bed time books.
I have Time for Bed memorized. Cover to cover. We got it as a gift when Beck was a baby and I started reading it to him at just a few months old. He would sit, rapt looking at the pretty illustrations by Jane Dyer and listen to the soothing, lyrical words of Mem Fox.

It kept his (and Evie's) attention at 3 months old and it still keeps their attention today - at four and three.

This might be our all-time-favorite book to read together. And when I think back on these days of endless reading to my kids, this will probably be the book I remember.

I recommend this book to every family. I think it will become my token "Baby Shower Gift."

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