I am a self-proclaimed book fiend. Children's literature holds a special place in my heart - I think it is because my mother is an avid book lover herself and taught me from very early on to love classic, well-written children's literature.
Beautiful, enriching illustrations are just a part of the draw of a wonderful children's story, and so most of the books we review here will have gorgeous drawings.
You will not find any lackluster books on this blog. No vulgar Dora, Spongebob or Disney.
We believe in books that beautify the experience of growing up and learning.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Alfie Books by Shirley Hughes

Some of my and the Big Kids' (which is what I will be referring to Beck and Evie as since The Little One has arrived) books are by Shirley Hughes. She writes and illustrates this adorable seires of picture story books about Alfie and his little sister Annie Rose.

The books deal with every day occurances that resonate with little ones because of the reality of the circumstances.

Alfie locks his mom and sister out of the house after a grocery shopping trip and can't reach the lock to let them back in!

Alfie gets new rain boots and can't quite figure out how to tell the left boot from the right boot.

The stories are sweet and simple and the illustrations (my favorite part, of course!) are artistic and colorful.

A great series for preschoolers.

A New Reader

Sweet baby Britt Jackson has joined the reading club.
Membership: March 13, 2010 - present.