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Beautiful, enriching illustrations are just a part of the draw of a wonderful children's story, and so most of the books we review here will have gorgeous drawings.
You will not find any lackluster books on this blog. No vulgar Dora, Spongebob or Disney.
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Werner

I remember reading this one when I was a little one. I wasn't as young as the piglets, because I remember reading it to myself. But it really is a good one for read aloud.

There aren't many pictures. And what pictures there are are just black silhouette sketches. But I tend to think that's good for children. Preschool is probably the earliest that the magic of their imaginations is enough to get them through a chapter book like this one.

But we're loving going along with the four orphaned siblings on their adventures as they try to navigate life without their parents (a sad thought, but one that's not approached much in the book - the adventures are the real subject here).
The Boxcar Children is a classic, and for good reason.

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  1. My 3rd grade teacher read a chapter aloud to our class every afternoon...I was hooked and read every single book in the series!