I am a self-proclaimed book fiend. Children's literature holds a special place in my heart - I think it is because my mother is an avid book lover herself and taught me from very early on to love classic, well-written children's literature.
Beautiful, enriching illustrations are just a part of the draw of a wonderful children's story, and so most of the books we review here will have gorgeous drawings.
You will not find any lackluster books on this blog. No vulgar Dora, Spongebob or Disney.
We believe in books that beautify the experience of growing up and learning.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I Went Walking by Sue Williams/Julie Vivas

My Aunt is a preschool teacher so I knew that, when she presented Britt with this book, it would be a good one.

I Went Walking is a simple board book with vibrant illustrations of a child and the animals met along his/her path. The writing is lyrical and plain, "I went walking. What did you see? I saw a red cow looking at me."
This is a good book for a baby to learn animals and a toddler to learn colors. Preschoolers even find it interesting to guess where the animal is hiding in the pictures.

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